Do you need business help?

I offers consulting services to assist you in growing and maintaining your business. Whether you are established, or just starting out, I offer proven ways to profitability without sacrificing quality.

Today, more so than ever, knowing your numbers is a critical component to the survivability of your company.

Equate it to a professional sports team- by not knowing, the likelihood of winning the trophy is diminished and luck you can’t count on.

Add in the ability to reduce customer acquisition costs and getting more leads and opportunities to reach your targeted customers is essential.

How are your prospective customers finding you today? This isn’t a “its all about money” talk, but if you have your fiscal house in order, things tend to get more streamlined in your organization.

When the vendors are paid, staff has great salaries, profitable sales are being done on a daily basis, you can focus on other aspects of your business that add higher value to your customers needs in more meaningful ways.

Let me ask you- based upon your companies current framework- do you know what your overhead is each day?

Do you have the best people on your team? Do they know what it in it for them (me) (WIIFM)?

Is the profitability of your company more than 10% Net? If not, do you know why? Are you (the company) seeing the results you want to achieve? Are there any gaps?

Are you looking to find people to join your organization and need of a recruiter?

What do you need help with?

Let me know how I can help you reach your goals.


Keith Cronin