Our World

Is Changing

We are living in a different era. 
How we work and live is shifting rapidly.
You deserve more.

But How? Watch Now!

The world is changing.
Geography is no longer your master.
You can live and work where you want, and when you want.
Helping people locally or globally, you decide.
How we used to define work is being reimagined.
We have entered a new era in our society today
A shift from products only, to relationships.
This is a global phenomenon that touches every place on earth.


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Life on Your Terms

Choice Awaits You!

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Life should be filled with curiosity.

Fulfillment should be a priority.


If you're not there yet, I want to help.

What has influenced you and your life? Are you interested in doing something else?

Convinced there's never been a better time to explore the possibilities.

What did you really enjoy doing as a young child at 10? 

Can you let nature intervene on your current beliefs?

This is why

After the death of a parent, it hit me.

Actually before, but this magnified it.

Some are given alot of time on the planet. Others very little.

Headed out to Hawaii in 1998 with that in the front of my mind.

How would I serve?

Who could I help?

So, solar energy it was. This calling arrived way before the white sand beaches in Hawaii.

However the ability to take the dream into a reality completely manifested there.

After a successful sale and exit of my company in 2007, it has created a multitude of opportunities.

In alot of ways, it was a reboot to life. Gave me some time to ponder the possibilities.

It all starting with asking better questions about what is important in life and how can we be the architects of our futures?

Starting a business? Feeding the needy? Publishing a book? Creating a family?

Finding your cause is the thing I go back to over and over again. That is what gives you fulfillment that is everlasting.

So, let me ask you: what kind of work are you passionate about?

Love what you do and don't do what you love.

For the last decade, this is what I have been doing. Helping others globally to make things better, locally.

Had the honor to work with over 400 clients from 20 different countries and they have impacted countless more.

It has allowed me to be a present parent. Involved. I've been able to travel. Learn. Listen. Understand. Examine. Smile.

See the world through others eyes and perspectives.

You can do this too!

It has to begin with us. Knowing what fulfills us so we can do more. Be more.

If you want to learn how to do this, click the links here on this page to learn more about living life on your terms.

To your success in helping others.

Live Deliberately Today!


Keith Cronin


Don't Wait

Wifi, Passion and a desire to help others, is all you need.
We only have so much time.

How Can I Help You?

You have amazing talents that might be laying dormant.

The world is in desperate need of your experiences and knowledge.

What if there was a way to package what you know?

Share it with the world?

And get paid, doing it?


How To Live Anywhere and Work Everywhere

A decade of consulting experience has taught me that
there are no limits to how you can help people.
Doing good and living well anywhere on the planet
are the pillars of the 21st century.
The world is changing and this new era is designed with you in mind.


Solar Success Principles

With much appreciation, gratitude and enthusiasm I was able to publish a book to help you seize the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls common in the solar business. This book is a consolidation of over 20 years in the solar business with tools, strategies, resources to help you take your business where you want it to go. There are chapters ranging from sales, operations, budgeting, marketing and more. Head on over to Amazon, right now, to take a sneak peek inside the book. Click here to get the book - Solar Success Principles- How to Make a Difference and a Fortune in the Green Economy.

Are You Offended?

The Daily Rituals of Happy and Successful People. Often in life, we become offended for a host of riveting reasons. It starts when we were very young. As kids, we debate fairness with other siblings or at the school yard. In our teen years, the clothes we wore or the date we didn't get. Out of school, we wrestle with our career decisions and ask ourselves if we did it for ourselves or chose a path our parents wanted us to take.
We spend time in counseling, learning more about our preferences and why things haven't gone our way. We now have social media in our pockets as an instant trigger for something we deem deplorable.
Politics- ever been chaffed by someone running for office?
Sex- a taboo topic?
How about your spiritual preferences? Do you like how you look? Are you overweight and does this impact your life in a negative way? Do you have concerns about aging? People give you heat for your ethnicity? What distractions do you participate in to make yourself feel better?
We will explore the truth in this book to all these modern and ancient maladies and show you the promised land.

Got Kids?

This idea came to me from a place of silence. A week after spending a fall break from school with my daughter, I reminisced about the incredible time we spent together, being present and in the moment. Whether it was swimming, hiking, yoga, art projects and beyond, there was an inescapable amount of gratitude and happiness that seemed to percolate from everywhere. This caused me to take some notes on the experiences, feelings and sentiment that surrounded that week that infused me with the intent of developing something for more than just me and to serve you, the reader of this book and the architect of your life. You see, we live in a world today, dominated by the digital age. Social media, mobile phones that have become super computers of our time, digital distractions within an arms reach of each of us. But something is missing. It’s us. We seem to have lost our connection to our families, friends and close relationships. Call it convenience. Call it evolution. Call it a lost generation. Click here to learn more.

Keith, I Want It Now

Ok, I got it. You don't want to wait.
You want to apply your knowledge and live where you want, when you want. Helping people locally and globally.
You are confident that it's time.


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